Hello everyone,

I do hope that you enjoy the photographs. If you'd like to see any of them in black and white, or sepia, cropped differently etc please just drop me a line and I'll put them up for you. I've also left the photos natural - if you want anything removing (the odd bit of slobber for example!) do let me know. You can set up your own favourites and revisit as you wish to show others or change them. Just make sure you save your favourites EACH TIME otherwise you'll lose your work!

The photos in the gallery are optimised for 8 x 10 prints so if you order a different size you may see some odd cropping - don't worry, I quality check each order before it goes out and will replace it with the correct size for you so that it's all good. You can order any size you wish and I will do the background work. The only issue may be if a photo really isn't good enough for a large print (unusual but it sometimes happens) and then I'll be in touch.

If there is a product you've seen elsewhere which you would like and it's not in the price list please let me know and I will try and source it for you. The professional laboratory I use is of high quality so if you want something from a source which is less high quality I can still do it for you but it will come with a "health warning"!

Otherwise, enjoy your browsing and do let me know what you think.

best wishes