These are some photos from Dogfest 2016 day 2. More will be coming shortly (about 300 in total!) so keep an eye out for your pooch and if you don't see them do drop me a line!

If you'd like to purchase any please click "buy" which will take you through to an area for you to choose your print/product. Prints start from £8. Any photos you buy will NOT have the watermark on - that is just for the purposes of the gallery.

If you have any issues with the photos, or would like then black & white etc please let me know and I'll sort it out for you, Likewise, if you find that the cropping doesn't suit you please let me know. I'd rather sort it out for you than you end up with a photograph you aren't happy with!

Finally - if you are interested in a full photo session, please get in touch. The full sessions are about 1.5 hours long and you receive a gallery of 40 photographs from which to choose and buy. You also receive a 10 x 8 print of a photo of your choice!

Further details are available on my website: www.telltailsphotography.com.

best wishes,
07969 109974 louise@telltailsphotography.com