Hello everyone!

Welcome to the gallery for the Barkshire Bandits Flyball Competition which took place in August at DBARC. This gallery is for day 1 of the competition. Day 2 will be posted soon. I hope you like the photos!

You are welcome to buy through Tell Tails' professional laboratory. Just click on the photograph you wish to buy and then select "buy" - options of products will appear. I also provide notebooks, calendars etc - just let me know what you'd like if you can't see it. Any photos you buy will NOT have the watermark on - that is just for the purposes of the gallery.

You can make a gallery of your favourites if you'd like to. Just click on the heart on the photo you want to choose, and it will be put into a favourites gallery for you. To access it, look at the top left hand side of your screen once you've got photos in there. Please don't forget to save them otherwise you'll lose them and have to start again!

If you want to purchase high res digital copies then there is a price for these in the gallery too. However, if a club/group of you would like to band together and buy some in a "bulk order" then please get in touch as I should be able to do you a deal. The same goes if you would prefer to buy watermarked copies for facebook or lower res copies for web use.

If you have any issues with the photos, or would like then black & white etc please let me know and I'll sort it out for you, Likewise, if you find that the cropping doesn't suit you please let me know. I'd rather sort it out for you than you end up with a photograph you aren't happy with!

I specialise in action photography so if your club would like to speak to me about doing a session specifically for you, or at another competition please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Finally - thanks again and if you are interested in a full photo session, please get in touch. The full sessions start from £90 and are about 1.5 hours long. You receive a gallery of 40 photographs from which to choose and buy. You also receive a free 10 x 8 print of a photo of your choice!

Further details are available on my website: www.telltailsphotography.com. Lots more action photos can be seen on my facebook page www.facebook.com/telltailsphotography

best wishes, Louise
07969 109974